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Content Marketing: Who's Doing It and Why?

Aug 01, 2013

The hyperbolic rise of social media created wildly popular channels for businesses to communicate. Organizations big and small, for profit and not-for-profit, were lured into its enticements of “leads”, “donors”, “branding”, “traffic”, and just being cool. 

Now, many are stuck. They don’t know what to say, how to say it, or where to say it.

That’s where Content Marketing steps in. 

Content marketing is one of the fastest growing marketing weapons around.  A whopping 90% of marketers use it in some shape or form, according to the B2B Content Marketing 2012 Benchmarks, Budgets & Trends report.

So, what industries are adopting content marketing the most?

  • Professional Services (94%)
  • Computing/Software (93%)
  • Advertising/Marketing (89%)
  • Healthcare (89%)
  • Business Services (84%)

Source: CMI

And, companies big and small are turning to content marketing to achieve very specific goals.


Source: CMI

Our client experience somewhat mirrors this study’s conclusions.  Our customers that are rapidly turning to content marketing include, healthcare companies and business services.  We also have growing interest from the non-profit and association sectors.

When it comes to goals, our clients look to these top three objectives for content marketing:

  1. brand awareness
  2. website traffic 
  3. sales / donations

But, every client has unique goals, messages and strategies. So, our job is to tell their stories better than they can, and better than anyone else.

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Hashtag You Are It
HEY RUTH: You are right...""Don't make a sales pitch until you've earned your followers trust.". Gotta be credible first.
Bears Fan
The biggest challenge is generating good quality content compared to making noise. It's kind of like the first wave of online ads. They were noticable at first. Then our brains got trained to ignore them. I ignore most content because its like an ad, and you can smell it a mile away. Content that is newsworthy is what people pay attention to. I am sure youll see my comment as noise becuase its not newsworthy. Did I make my point?
Companies are just beginning to realize that if their goal through content marketing its brand awareness, website traffic, and sales/donations the most important thing they can do with the combination of content marketing and social media is develop a loyal following. The very best way to develop this loyal following is to provide people with valuable content for free. This valuable content takes many forms also. It might be tips, hints and tricks on how to do something better. It might be a short PDF monograph with a step-by-step instruction on how to get something done. One of the single most violated rules of content marketing is, "Don't make a sales pitch until you've earned your followers trust." As soon as you've earned their trust they're going to feel comfortable giving you their credit card number.
Tweeted OUT
Really good point. biggest problem is having something to say that people care about. #eatingbreakfast doesn't do anthything for anyone.
We use it for SEO. Tons more effective than AdWords for driving traffic too.