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Media Training - It's Answers!

Media Training - It's Answers!

Aug 02, 2013


When we work with a client in a media training session, the same thing almost always happens.

It goes something like this.

The client says, "What do you think the reporter is going to ask?""

We say, "We don't care, what is it that you want to say?"

It is a very important moment in most cases because it is then that the client realizes that it's time to get to work in the media training session.

Because what really matter is deciding what your message is going to be, what  you want the headline to be. Or to put it another way, if you don't get your point across, there's not much chance the reporter will do it for you.

So what's the key message?

Well, you certainly don't come up with it during the interview, you develop it long before the reporter comes knocking on your door. These key messages are sometimes called talking points, the points that you want to make during the interview. You want to have those in your head before the interview starts. (And if the interview is on the phone, you want to have them written down in front of you)

A successful interview is much more than merely answering questions. We encourage our clients to take the initiative, to tell their story. That means you don't wait until the reporter asks the right questions, you bring up things that you think are important.

In other words, tell your story!

In dancing, it's about who leads. Same goes for interviews.

Now those talking points are important to develop and to practice. That's what a media training session is designed to do, to test drive your talking points and see if they sound as good as they look on paper.

In future blog posts, we will dig deeper into some of the nuances of media training and preparation.

We'll leave you with this thought.

Once you decide you will agree to do an interview, and it is your choice, you get ready for it the way you prepare for most presentations. You prepare and you practice. And then, you practice a little more.

Stay tuned!

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