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Social Media Is the Stage; Content Marketing Is the Performance

Jul 25, 2013

If there’s any marketing tool bigger than social media, then companies will surely pounce on it like a Kardashian on a new reality series.

Well, there is a rapidly emerging one. It’s called Content Marketing.

Most marketers would take this as enough reason to pounce right now. But, caution goes a long way with emerging trends, as we’ve all earned.

The social media experiment of the last five or so years taught us something worth noting: Millions of companies flocked to Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks because they were popular … ahem … for being popular. Very Kardashian-esque. 

So, what’s wrong with that? What’s wrong with going where everyone’s going, and being side-by-side with your 800 million closest friends and competitors?

Nothing … if your company strategically plans with the knowledge that Facebook and Twitter (and any other social network) are tactics and channels only.  They are the “stage”, so to speak, not the “performance”.

Put it this way. Most companies have a “social media marketing strategy” (apparently, that makes corporate leadership feel “cutting edge”).  In many cases, the “social media marketing strategy” is “a 20-something dude who lives online and does all our social media.”  Seriously? Would you entrust him to be your corporate voice? Sadly, this is the reality for countless small and large businesses across America.

What does this mean? By default, having a “social media marketing strategy” means a company has a plan for one tactic and one method of distribution. That’s like a Kardashian having a plan for People Magazine, but not MTV, TLC, etc. – and that just ain’t the case. 

The point is that online marketing is vastly bigger than social media.  Mind you, social media has massive power when used correctly, but it is still just one tactic.

And this is where Content Marketing comes in.

Content marketing is your company’s voice – it’s your long-running performance.  Your competitors are rehearsing, if not already auditioning in front of customers.  According to the Content Marketing Institute’s recently published 2012 Benchmark, Budgets and Trendsthe top tactics your competitors are using for content marketing are:


Source: CMI

So, there it is… Social Media as a Content Marketing tactic.  And, it’s ranked behind “Articles”, no less.  We’re not dissing social media, just positioning it.

So, what’s next?

Get ready to pounce on the content marketing bandwagon.  But be cautious.  Without a long-term strategy that is driven by clear messaging and appropriate tactics, you’ll never have the staying power of a Kardashian. And with a fast-growing new industry, like Content Marketing, be cautious before you commit to a content marketing company. Be prepared for every social media company out there to become an overnight content marketing company. The bottom line is to know your needs before you trust your voice to some dude, or company full of dudes and dudettes.

At Lynchpin BioMedia, we focus on giving clients complete command of their online performance.

Share your content marketing experiences – both the good and really bad. 

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