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Where Are Marketing Budgets Going?

Jul 01, 2013

We’ll get right to the point. Businesses are rapidly increasing their marketing investments in Content Marketing. And the big winners are generating content like their own “news division”; driving messages and conversations through multiple online channels.

A telling 60% of marketers will increase their Content Marketing spend in the next 12 months, while only 3% will reduce it, according to new market research.

Said more harshly, 12% of marketers will be out of jobs in 2012.

No color commentary needed with these statistics:




Source: CMI 2012 Benchmark, Budgets and Trends

So, what is behind the increased investment in Content Marketing?

We speak to our clients about “running your own news division” and “translating messages into credible content and conversations”. Why? Clients are competing for their audiences, and the quality of their content dictates whether target audiences tune in or tune out.

Content Marketing is a powerful communication tool that (if done right) marries communications strategy, messaging, and targeted distribution. It’s far more than social media (see 2/29/12 Lynchpin Blog). It’s used for everything from brand awareness and thought leadership, to SEO and lead generation (see 2/23/12 Lynchpin Blog).

The Lynchpin BioMedia “news division” concept is being recognized by other marketing thought leaders.  The Ad Age blog, “All Brands are Publishers” makes the point this way:

“Take L'Oreal, for example, which is partnering to create great content for its site while building an audience for that content through channels including Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. This combined approach is essential, because while it's easier than ever for a brand to be a publisher, there has to be a both great content and great publishing practices for a marketing campaign to build audience.”

The Ad Age blog goes on to say,

“Given that brands are all about voice, meaning, values and point of view, having the skills of a conversational publisher is critical to success. It's not enough to buy engagement ads, have a Facebook page, or man a Twitter handle. You also need to add value, so you have things to share.”

Bottom line: Marketers are increasing their investment in Content Marketing.

Are you increasing your Content Marketing budget?


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