With 190 million Tweets, 1 billion Facebook posts and 2 billion YouTube views per day, social media has clearly overtaken the communications landscape. These distribution channels are valuable tools in disseminating content about your product and brand. Lynchpin BioMedia’s Digital Push Strategy includes promotions to social media channels to replay, re-purpose and propagate your Online News Articles.  This drives your message deeper into the fabric of searchable content.

Social media is not the only important way to replay your message and grow your library of online content. Your most valued target audiences need to see your message directly from you. Lynchpin BioMedia executes push tactics with your Online News Articles (and videos) direct to your core audience, ensuring your message is heard and seen.

An added bonus of a Digital Push Strategy is that your Online News Articles can be reproduced (digitally or in print and with permission) for you to use as a marketing tool to open new accounts and solidify existing relationships with customers. It’s like a brochure made up of 3rd-party validated content without the costs of development and production.

Let Lynchpin BioMedia create a Digital Push Strategy to entrench your presence online and more importantly, deliver your message and brand directly to your customers.