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While guaranteed news results through Certified Online News journalists provide exceptional visibility and value to clients, Lynchpin BioMedia amplifies online pick-up through Online Press Release Distribution and Media Management.

We author a web-formatted and optimized press release that amplifies your Online News Article.  We distribute the release to our custom databases of journalists, newspapers, syndicates, freelancers, radio programs and television stations. Online Press Releases are filed with Google News, Yahoo!,,, News Alert, Lycos, Alta Vista, Excite and many others. Database distribution includes "disclosure" media designated by NYSE, AMEX and NASDAQ, including Dow Jones, Reuters, Bloomberg, The New York TimesThe Wall Street Journal, Associated Press, USA Today, Investor's Business Daily and others.

Lynchpin BioMedia’s Online Press Release generates 2,600,000 visits per day through:

  • 100,000 subscribed journalists
  • 4,000 online news websites and databases

Your press release will appear throughout at least 200 TV, Radio and Newspaper online sites, providing added visibility to your message and story. And, for those journalists interested in authoring their own story based on your Online Press Release, Lynchpin BioMedia will facilitate interviews with your executives and key customers.

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